PaprikaMolnar’s Paprika Blog in English explores Hungarian paprika history and culture.

Paprika Mill, Museum and Blog by PaprikaMolnar

PaprikaMolnar is a family business, which runs a Paprika Museum and a Paprika Mill in Szeged, the historical centre of Hungarian paprika growing and production. 

Our Paprika Blog in English explores origin, varieties, traditions and uses of paprika as well as the role paprika took in shaping Szeged, Hungarian cuisine and Hungarian identity.

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Hungarian paprika and Hungaricum Heritage (part I.)

Although the concept of Hungaricums by now has been fully incorporated into our common language, it is always good  to clarify the exact meaning of the word. According to a law adopted in 2012, ‘Hungaricum’ is a term that stands for a unique collection of exceptional and distinctive features that together deliver top performance in…

From Paprika to Paprikash. 20+ things to know about Hungarian paprika

Here’s a step-by-step process description of Hungarian paprika production. What about the process from paprika to paprikash? We looked at the process, broke it down into steps, asked Vera to draw the images for us and added our insights.  We collected about 100 things to know and short-listed 20+ for you. Learn and enjoy!