PaprikaMolnar’s Paprika Blog in English explores Hungarian paprika history and culture.

Paprika Mill, Museum and Blog by PaprikaMolnar

PaprikaMolnar is a family business, which runs a Paprika Museum and a Paprika Mill in Szeged, the historical centre of Hungarian paprika growing and production. 

Our Paprika Blog in English explores origin, varieties, traditions and uses of paprika as well as the role paprika took in shaping Szeged, Hungarian cuisine and Hungarian identity.

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Busy week: Rain, planting, rain, planting, rain and Museum May Festival

The third week of May has been pretty busy for PaprikaMolnar: after several starts and stops and restarts we eventually transplanted our paprika seedlings to their final place in our farm. It’s a small plot of land this year, but planting has never been so hard with rain coming down every day, between which we…

“You shall so discover and conquer.” On 30 April 526 years ago.

Although paprika is regarded as part and parcel of Hungarian cuisine, it originated – together with other plants like corn, tobacco and potato – in the New World. The discovery of the New World is cornerstone in history and has been interpreted controversially, however, in this blogpost I’d like to remember it from paprika perspective.…