PaprikaMolnar’s Paprika Blog in English explores Hungarian paprika history and culture.

Paprika Mill, Museum and Blog by PaprikaMolnar

PaprikaMolnar is a family business, which runs a Paprika Museum and a Paprika Mill in Szeged, the historical centre of Hungarian paprika growing and production. 

Our Paprika Blog in English explores origin, varieties, traditions and uses of paprika as well as the role paprika took in shaping Szeged, Hungarian cuisine and Hungarian identity.

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The Hesitating Gourmet in our Paprika Museum

It’s still February, still carnival season and my indulgence goes beyond borders! I recently met at our Paprika Museum Tünde Dimén-Varga, the writer of the gastro blog the Hesitating Gourmet. Tünde is a psychologist working with school kids in my favourite Transylvanian town in Romania called Székelyudvarhely or Odorheiu Secuiesc. Her cooking is flavourful yet…

Paprikamillers family history. Mihály Szánthó and sons

The very first museum piece in PaprikaMolnár’s Paprika Museum was the Szánthó family’s entire business and family documents, as can be read in an earlier article. The Szánthós ran a wheat and paprika-mill for two generations in Szeged-Szentmihály. The documents from a hundred years ago offer interesting insight into local and paprika history. Mihály Szánthó…

Autumn assessment: yield and grinds

PaprikaMolnár has just finished drying the freshly picked paprika fruits. The first grinds are ready and we have stocked up for winter. So it’s high time I did an assessment of this autumn’s harvest now. Every paprika year is different and there’s always something that surprises the farmer and the processor. This year the rainy…