PaprikaMolnar’s Paprika Blog in English explores Hungarian paprika history and culture.

Paprika Mill, Museum and Blog by PaprikaMolnar

PaprikaMolnar is a family business, which runs a Paprika Museum and a Paprika Mill in Szeged, the historical centre of Hungarian paprika growing and production. 

Our Paprika Blog in English explores origin, varieties, traditions and uses of paprika as well as the role paprika took in shaping Szeged, Hungarian cuisine and Hungarian identity.

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From lecsó to paprika. Bulgarian gardening

Hungarian lecsó, stuffed pepper, pumpkin cream with dills, fried eggplant slices,butterhead lettuce dressed in sweet-and-sour sauce, and cucumber salad topped with sour cream and a pinch of red paprika powder are some of our most common summer dishes. What’s common in them besides being Hungarian summer faves? Most of them have a vegetable in them…

Great Big Paprika Story in 3 minutes

We proudly announce PaprikaMolnár’s Paprika Museum is on TV, or rather, on Youtube! CNN’s Great Big Story production group wanted to know why Hungarians are so obsessed with paprika. So, they came to Budapest, went to Paprika Market, ate nothing but paprikash and spent a day with us in PaprikaMolnár’s museum and factory and listened to…

The Englishman, who went up the mill and came down astounded

I’m publishing here a few details from the memories of Mária Lábdy. Mária (1914-2007) was the fourth child of Ákos Lábdy, one of the two paprikamillers in Szeged-Szentmihály. Szentmihály was and is a separate community within Szeged. The Lábdy paprika mill was attractive for several reasons: it worked in a community that was heavily depending…

„Rika, rika, paprika…” Paprika in Hungarian folklore

Despite its New World origins, paprika is an essential part of Hungarian culture and identity. A good example of its physical appearance on traditional objects is the famous kalocsai embroidery, which includes red paprika fruits among vividly colorful flowers on white cloth. Kalocsai embroidery is a relatively young invention. The first embroideries in the 19th…