Folqa Paprikamiller in Paprika Museum

Paprika Museum item: Paprikamiller and other folks in the Folqa Collection

The Paprika Museum item of the month series continues. Last month we portrayed the porcelain Paprika-stringing woman from Hollóháza. She is fragile, young and is performing one of the simplest activities in paprika processing. This time we’re displaying a more robust male character who’s representing paprika expertise. The Paprika Museum item we picked this time…

Paprika Blog From pig to pork

From pig to pork! Traditional courtyard pig slaughtering and home-made delicacies.

While the old paprikafarmers around Szeged were busy picking their harvest, during the beginning of September, obviously other events of the economic life took place parallelly. Already at that time, much attention was paid to the preparation of pig slaughtering. For most people the making of hams, sausages and bacon were crucial winter activities and…

From Paprika to Paprikash. 20+ things to know about Hungarian paprika

Here’s a step-by-step process description of Hungarian paprika production. What about the process from paprika to paprikash? We looked at the process, broke it down into steps, asked Vera to draw the images for us and added our insights.  We collected about 100 things to know and short-listed 20+ for you. Learn and enjoy!