Paprikamalom tulajdonos, paprikatörténeti múzeum alapító

Winter goodbye in paprika-red

Winter goodbye: Carnival in paprika-red

We’re in the middle of the carnival season, which in western Christian calendar is marked with parading, dancing, eating and merry-making. Colourful costumes, masquerades and masks, people engaging in earthly pleasures like eating and drinking, partying and dating are all hallmarks of the season. This time is intense with colours and images. The colour red,…

Folqa Paprikamiller in Paprika Museum

Paprika Museum item: Paprikamiller and other folks in the Folqa Collection

The Paprika Museum item of the month series continues. Last month we portrayed the porcelain Paprika-stringing woman from Hollóháza. She is fragile, young and is performing one of the simplest activities in paprika processing. This time we’re displaying a more robust male character who’s representing paprika expertise. The Paprika Museum item we picked this time…