Paprikamalom tulajdonos, paprikatörténeti múzeum alapító

PaprikaMolnár Paprika planting 2020

Paprika Museum items: planter and sprinkler. It’s paprika planting time!

Paprika planting in Hungary is just starting. Farmers are busy with removing the paprika seedlings from the nursery and transplanting them out to the open fields. PaprikaMolnár is planting a little earlier than usual also: our seedlings are ready by now to be transplanted on 14 May! The Ice Saints Pancras, Servatius and Boniface aren’t…

Paprika Mill & Museum 12 years3

Paprika Mill & Museum since 2008

In April we’re celebrating the 12th birthday of PaprikaMolnar’s Paprika Mill & Museum. (To be precise: the paprika Mill has been running for some 25 years, it was the Museum we created 12 years ago.) For the anniversary we’ve selected a few moments of the many many great moments we’ve enjoyed spending with colleagues, friends…